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Thumbnail ImageArticle Directory Link Building Taking A Hit [tweetbutton] Google have recently been hearing many complaints about content farms and low quality content sites. They released an update which had impacts for many websites including many high profile content driven websites. One thing many link builders look at is article marketing. Whether that be spinning the same article a number of times to ensure some degree of uniqueness or submitting articles on mass to article directories. Why? Why would Google like this? Well before it was... [ Read: Should You Build Links From Article Directories After The Panda Update ]

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Thumbnail ImageBeatThatQuote Penalised for Paid Links [tweetbutton]Yesterday, the news broke about Google buying and once again Aaron Wall of SEOBook was right on the pulse checking out their backlinks. Why? This financial and insurance industry is rife with all sorts of paid links, which are against Google’s guidelines – resulting in them being penalised by Google earlier today. Questionable SEO Tactics Without going into detail and offering my own analysis of just what they did I will give a brief summary of what Aaron kindly pointed out: Doorway... [ Read: Penalised Due To Paid Links ]

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Thumbnail ImageHeartbreak – LinkedIn Profile Stops Providing Link Love with 302 Redirects [tweetbutton] I’d been adding a few connections recently and whilst browsing over my LinkedIn profile, I noticed that my public LinkedIn profile wasn’t the same. As an SEO and somebody keen on link building, it was the external links that stood out – they had changed colour and were using redirected URL’s. I soon noticed the whole profile had a little makeover. Luckily I was able to see the cached version of my profile, dated... [ Read: LinkedIn Changes Public Profile Links to 302 Redirects ]

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Thumbnail ImageThe Risks and Thoughts Around Paid Links [tweetbutton]If you work in the search marketing industry you will likely have heard about The New York Times outing J. C. Penney for their apparent paid links strategy. There have been a number of detailed articles about this very public story but the following are some of my key thoughts that have come about from what has been reported and discussed. J.C. Penney, SearchDex, TNX, and The NY Times The company J. C. Penney are a massive brand in... [ Read: Benefits, Risk, And Thoughts On Paid Links by J C Penny & Forbes ]

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Thumbnail ImageDisclosure of Paid Links to be Investigated [tweetbutton]The internet is accessible to practically anyone with the equipment to do so providing a level of anonymity whilst at the same time a step to have a voice. It has given rise to bloggers, writing across many different subjects. As they devote their time to these blogs, writing personal article after article, they see their blogs carefully nurtured into what you could call a trusted domain. During that time they will be approached to promote material and... [ Read: Authorities to Seek Blogging Disclosures for Paid Links ]