Google - Penalised Due To Paid Links
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BeatThatQuote Penalised for Paid Links

Yesterday, the news broke about Google buying and once again Aaron Wall of SEOBook was right on the pulse checking out their backlinks. Why? This financial and insurance industry is rife with all sorts of paid links, which are against Google’s guidelines – resulting in them being penalised by Google earlier today.

Questionable SEO Tactics

Without going into detail and offering my own analysis of just what they did I will give a brief summary of what Aaron kindly pointed out:

  • Doorway Pages / gateway pages
  • Buying PageRank Links
  • Comment Spam
  • Link Exchanges
  • Sponsored Links
  • Sponsored Blog Reviews

So remember, even Google will feel the wrath of its own search quality team.

Then again they had no choice. Will they be penalising some of the other websites for selling links? Will they look at other websites in the same competitive market? Or is this solely a PR move? If it is then with the recent public outings and resulting action by Google, it may become the new trend.

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