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LinkedIn Changes Public Profile Links to 302 Redirects

Heartbreak – LinkedIn Profile Stops Providing Link Love with 302 Redirects Tweet I’d been adding a few connections recently and whilst browsing over my LinkedIn profile, I noticed that my public LinkedIn profile wasn’t the same. As an SEO and somebody keen on link building, it was the external links that stood out – they had changed colour and were using redirected URL’s. I soon noticed the whole profile had a little makeover. Luckily I was able to see the cached version of my profile, dated…

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What is Link Love?

TweetWell if you ask Google you will get a small definition which has been sourced from one of the most link loved websites on the internet, boasting a huge amount of articles on pretty much all of the sane thoughts you may have – after all it is written by you. I’m talking of course about Wikipedia and it’s page on link popularity and methods. Link love is a term used in the fields of search engine optimization and blogging to describe the effect that…