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What is Link Love?

TweetWell if you ask Google you will get a small definition which has been sourced from one of the most link loved websites on the internet, boasting a huge amount of articles on pretty much all of the sane thoughts you may have – after all it is written by you. I’m talking of course about Wikipedia and it’s page on link popularity and methods. Link love is a term used in the fields of search engine optimization and blogging to describe the effect that…

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Inhouse SEO Link Building Interview With Ontolo

Inhouse SEO Link Building Interview Tweet It came to my attention that Ontolo were inviting answers to an inhouse SEO link building interview for which I prepared answers and sent them across. Section 1: Day-to-Day Link Building Questions 1. As an inhouse SEO, what are your top 5 most important link building tasks and responsibilities? Besides the obvious one of obtaining links for any targets set, I keep my eye out for: R&D into new techniques to improve the quality of the overall link profile…

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Starting a New Link Building Blog

Link Building blog Tweet I’m starting another blog but this time for myself and specifically about link building as it is something I enjoy looking into, especially when the hard work pays off, and have experience in. That’s experience in some good quality link building in particular niches and sometimes dabbling in some perhaps contentious link techniques (if that’s what the client wants) depending on your views. Either way I’m aware of the bad and good side of link building but even more important in…