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LinkedIn Changes Public Profile Links to 302 Redirects

Heartbreak – LinkedIn Profile Stops Providing Link Love with 302 Redirects Tweet I’d been adding a few connections recently and whilst browsing over my LinkedIn profile, I noticed that my public LinkedIn profile wasn’t the same. As an SEO and somebody keen on link building, it was the external links that stood out – they had changed colour and were using redirected URL’s. I soon noticed the whole profile had a little makeover. Luckily I was able to see the cached version of my profile, dated…

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Benefits, Risk, And Thoughts On Paid Links by J C Penny & Forbes

The Risks and Thoughts Around Paid Links TweetIf you work in the search marketing industry you will likely have heard about The New York Times outing J. C. Penney for their apparent paid links strategy. There have been a number of detailed articles about this very public story but the following are some of my key thoughts that have come about from what has been reported and discussed. J.C. Penney, SearchDex, TNX, and The NY Times The company J. C. Penney are a massive brand in…