Interviews - Inhouse SEO Link Building Interview With Ontolo
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Inhouse SEO Link Building Interview With Ontolo

Inhouse SEO Link Building Interview

It came to my attention that Ontolo were inviting answers to an inhouse SEO link building interview for which I prepared answers and sent them across.

Section 1: Day-to-Day Link Building Questions

1. As an inhouse SEO, what are your top 5 most important link building tasks and responsibilities?

Besides the obvious one of obtaining links for any targets set, I keep my eye out for:

  • R&D into new techniques to improve the quality of the overall link profile
  • Source high quality links with a focus on localised link building
  • Potential guest blogging and building relationships
  • Measuring and tracking link building progress and competitors efforts
  • Monitoring to ensure there are no bad signs or bad coverage
2. What, if any, link building tasks would you be comfortable outsourcing?

I would be comfortable outsourcing parts of link building, for example article and directory submissions, guest blogging, any content creation, and building relationships. Only because of the time it takes which could be spent elsewhere – all depending on the budget.

However, I would want to keep strategising and overseeing the whole process which includes contacting high quality link opportunities – I like to make sure of high conversions in such a case.

3. How much of your time is spent on link building related tasks on a day to day basis?

No specifics as I’ve been unable to keep track for long enough periods but it is definitely the one task I’ve spent the most time on! I rarely stop looking for link opportunities and often mix it in with other tasks.

Section 2: Link Building Tool Questions

1. What are your top 5 most important link building tools?

An angle to why they should link to you. I think its the single most important aspect of high quality link building and a good angle can bring good returns, you just have to think of it.

  • Google Search
  • SEOmoz have a few, namely Open Site Explorer
  • Majestic SEO
  • Yahoo Explorer

I’ve not been reliant on any tools which find new links as of yet. The tools above are usually to look at competitors and who links to the website I’m asking for a link (uncovers further opportunities). Social Media can help with this as everyone is bound to follow people in the same industry.

2. What are the most valuable tasks or functions of existing link building tools that you couldn’t live without?

Looking at the competitiveness of the market and what they are doing. I may put too much emphasis on this though as I’m sure in the long run just building links without looking at competitors would still work equally as well, it just makes things easier and provides quick wins.

3. What are the biggest let-downs of link building tools you have used or currently use?

Weeding out the rubbish. Links that don’t exist or problems with pagination where the link has moved. It is still hard and time consuming to figure out where to get links, they don’t tell you that but perhaps that is a good thing.

Section 3: Inhouse Link Building Campaign Design Questions

1. If a fellow inhouse SEO asked for help in developing a link building campaign, what questions would you ask them?
  • Questions about the company, brand, and website (content opportunities)
  • What does their current link profile look like
  • Current rankings, keyword targets, budget, and competitiveness
  • Do you have an specific email account with the websites domain name, and it starts…
2. What link building tactics work better for inhouse SEOs than agency link builders? Why?

You are involved within the target industry just that little bit more which can open opportunities. You hear things constantly, each piece of news maybe an opportunity.

3. As an inhouse SEO, what link building techniques have you found that scale (if any…)?


Section 4: Internal Credibility and Influence Questions

1. Can you describe techniques or tactics you’ve used to grow your internal trust and credibility with colleagues?

I’ve found that results matter the most…. Some good quality links from good authority websites help.

2. How do you get colleagues to perform tasks related to link building?

It’s a long road of explaining many different things which are best picked up by experience.

3. How have you grown your colleagues’ ability to identify and act on link opportunities?

Once the basics are understood it’s another creative mind to add to the mix. Their individual success grows their confidence.

4. What metrics do you use to convey link building success to upper management?

The usual like rankings and links but traffic increases and conversions are the important ones.

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