Link Love - LinkedIn Changes Public Profile Links to 302 Redirects
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LinkedIn Changes Public Profile Links to 302 Redirects

Heartbreak – LinkedIn Profile Stops Providing Link Love with 302 Redirects

I’d been adding a few connections recently and whilst browsing over my LinkedIn profile, I noticed that my public LinkedIn profile wasn’t the same. As an SEO and somebody keen on link building, it was the external links that stood out – they had changed colour and were using redirected URL’s.

I soon noticed the whole profile had a little makeover. Luckily I was able to see the cached version of my profile, dated at 5th February, which also contained the dofollow link love:

Old LinkedIn Profile

The above shows the old profile which still had the followed direct links to the external websites. Now the new look LinkedIn public profile page has a similar design to that when logged in and uses the redirects:

New LinkedIn Profile

The link on the personal website should be:


However, it uses a 302 redirect:


We can see the type of redirect being used by using the Firefox HttpFox add-on which provides the following information:

LinkedIn profile using 302 redirect

This clearly shows a 302 URL redirect being used.

Why the Change to No Link Love?

It could be targeted at beating spam and profiles set up for links. It is noticeable on LinkedIn that there are many registered users but how many are actually active members?

Another reason to support this is the fact they added a nofollow tag to custom anchor text links but kept “personal website” and “blog” as followed links.

This represents a significant change as now LinkedIn doesn’t provide any link love from its profile. However, links aren’t around just for SEO – don’t forget people click on them too!

New LinkedIn Profile Links

Top Tip: Don’t think they are useless, make them more friendly to human visitors and anybody looking at your profile may click through or remember the name of the brand.

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  1. Shame :-( I was enjoying my LinkedIn love…

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