Google - Should You Build Links From Article Directories After The Panda Update
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Should You Build Links From Article Directories After The Panda Update

Article Directory Link Building Taking A Hit

Google have recently been hearing many complaints about content farms and low quality content sites. They released an update which had impacts for many websites including many high profile content driven websites.

One thing many link builders look at is article marketing. Whether that be spinning the same article a number of times to ensure some degree of uniqueness or submitting articles on mass to article directories. Why?

It is cheap to outsource. You can build thousands of links. The quality of the article often doesn’t matter. Links can be embedded into the article or at the end.

Why would Google like this? Well before it was content, which Google loves, and some people saw some results from it. Of course, everyone get on it and this means that these websites are flooded with low quality content, and in turn become content farms linking out to many websites.

It obviously became a low quality link building technique but recently, with the panda update targeting low quality websites, does this mean this type of link building is now obsolete?

Today Google’s Matt Cutts answered a very apt question:

Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy?

So Matt Cutts says the trend he is hearing is that the type of content from article marketing seems to not be a great addition of quality.

Will they still play a part in link building? It already will have been written off for those who focus on quality niche link building but it will probably still be used by some, however, it does appear like a tactic that is dying out.

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