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Starting a New Link Building Blog

Link Building blog

I’m starting another blog but this time for myself and specifically about link building as it is something I enjoy looking into, especially when the hard work pays off, and have experience in. That’s experience in some good quality link building in particular niches and sometimes dabbling in some perhaps contentious link techniques (if that’s what the client wants) depending on your views. Either way I’m aware of the bad and good side of link building but even more important in my eyes, what can work for a website. Its crucial to be wary of algorithm updates, its a big reason why there are many chasing a wide variety of links rather than one type – also creating a natural link profile.

Anyway, that’s why I’m blogging about link building, it is hotly debated subject in SEO, and something that many struggle to gain effectiveness and efficiency from whilst others abuse or prosper. My experience comes from both the high and low budget side whilst learning from a few key people with very interesting viewpoints on link building. You can find out more about me being a link building expert and what link techniques I use by subscribing to this blog’s RSS feed or even coming back from time to time.

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