Conferences - Thoughts on Link Building from the Distilled Pro Seminar
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Thoughts on Link Building from the Distilled Pro Seminar

ProSEO Link Building Presentations

I recently attended the Distilled Pro Seminar event (held in partnership with SEOmoz) and over the course of both days there was lots of talk about link building. Read the rest of this blog to hear snippets of what was discussed and also my personal thoughts on the matter.

One of the big things to come out of the whole event was the following:

When building links make sure you focus on creating a natural link profile.

This is important to stand the test of time and make sure Google doesn’t discount the strength of your backlinks.

A Natural Link Profile

The perfect back-link profile is actually a natural looking one and Jane Copland from Amiya said the following elements are what make up a natural link profile:

You need a lot of different type of links for a good back-link profile

  • Volume – links are still a big thing you still need a good amount
  • Topic Quality – think about relevance between the linked pages
  • Authoritative Quality – links from strong websites
  • Natural Noise – a mixture of external noise e.g. branding, PR, social media
  • Editorial Quality – the whole content is king story

Should I get a link from this page?

One of the hardest decisions when link building is whether you should get a link from a particular page. There are many factors to take into account with one of the more prominent reasons being discussed was how useful PageRank is (not very she said) yet how it can still help to judge penalisation – especially in comparison to other metrics.

She also talked about keyword anchor text links vs brand links which should be quite clear in a natural link profile. There has been a lot of talk about whether brand links should be sought and whether they should appear the most weighted towards rather than your keywords.

 Problem: I don’t know if I’d get this link. Check: Many outbound links with comm. anchors? Uncommon amount of out unrelated links? #proseo

Homepage & deep page differences

One of the interesting points brought up from the Q&A was the differences between a homepage and a deep page. A good example of this is the SEOmoz ranking factors page (showing links to be a 70% ranking factor) which is heavily linked towards with keyword anchor text containing “ranking factors” and not just “SEOmoz” branded anchor text.

Creating Good Content

There were a few ideas put across such as syndicating your content and writing a top 100 post about industry people, for which they may link back along with others as it is a great resource. This is your usual stuff along with link-baiting but one presentation made by Russell Smith, head of editorial development for the BBC News website, blew many people away. It is often said researching and being the data source will help to create good content and get good links. The BBC team have done this with examples of minors and what not, they don’t just create an infographic, they create a masterpiece of visual art which is interactive and lets you drill down on the data.

Other Link Building Discussions

 1) analyse competitors 2) compare link profile 3) build keyword authority once you have brand trust 4) content syndication #proseo
 Good Q on exact match domains – @patrickaltoft – harder for G to separate brand, but inclusion of cctld is 1 way (eg #proseo

Different links in different industries

There were a few other tips on how to attract links, with Weip Knol giving away a few pearls and a case study on how to gather good authoritative links using the power of content. There was also an in depth analysis of paid links by Patrick Altoft which showed how to display metrics of a link profile in a visual manner, such as the branding vs anchor text.

This is the stuff I hope to blog and explain about in much more detail so make sure you subscribe and take a look around!

I’d just like to say thanks to all those involved, the speakers, and the team running the event – especially Lynsey Little (event manager) – and the Digital Marketing Agency I work at allowing and even paying me to go – brilliant!

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